The Active Eclectus Parrot

The Active Eclectus Parrot

An intelligent and playful bird
The Eclectus parrot is an intelligent and active pet bird. They are also one of the more unusual members of the parrot family.

The first thing you will notice is that they are very sexually dimorphic. The male and female Eclectus are so different looking that they were originally thought to be two different species.

come in, you can tell whether the bird is male or female.

Their feathers also appear to be more hair-like rather than feather-like and they require more vitamin A and calcium in their diet than most other parrots. The specialized diet alone means they do require more experienced owners. They also don’t form strong bonds like other parrots, but this in no way means that they don’t make good pets.

Eclectus are only a little cuddly, but they are great companions and love to sit on a perch near you or on your hand. They are not great talkers, but they can learn a few words and phrases and even whole songs. What they love is imitating sounds–like a telephone, alarm, or microwave.


Pet Eclectus Parrot Species

There are a few different Eclectus subspecies that are available for pets:

Red-Sided Eclectus (E. roratus polychloros) – This subspecies is more outgoing and boisterous and has a great sense of humor.
Solomon Island Eclectus (E. roratus solomonensis) – This is the most common and tends to make the best family pets.
Vosmaer’s Eclectus (E. roratus vosmaeri) – This subspecies is believed to be the quietest and gentle of the Eclectus.