The Pionus Parrot

A friendly family pet

The Pionus Parrot is often overlooked because it seems drab-looking, but these parrots are great family pets.

Pionus look like small Amazons and they both have similar traits. Pionus tend to be quieter and not as aggressive as Amazons. However, male Pionus still tend to be more aggressive than females, especially during the breeding season. Pionus also tend to bond to a whole family rather than just one person like the Amazon.

Pionus are also capable of talking, though they don’t usually have a wide vocabulary. Their voices are soft and a bit raspy, but if you listen closely, they can be enjoyable communicators. Pionus is also rather quiet, so they make a good pet if you are living in an apartment but wish to have a larger pet bird.

Pionus also don’t crave attention. They do need daily interaction, but they are independent enough to be happy playing on their own as well. These are great companion parrots that should not be overlooked!

Pet Pionus Parrot Species